List of Notices / Circulars

General notices and announcements related to activities around the estate. You must be logged on to see resident only announcements.

Closure of Tennis Court 2

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Dear Residents,

It is to inform you that there will be a closure of Tennis Court 2 from 30 Jul 2019 (Tuesday) to 14 Aug 2019 (Wednesday) 

Please see the attached notice for more information.

Thank you.

Mounbatten National Day Carnival - 3 August 2019

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Dear Residents

Please see attached poster for more details on the Mounbatten National Day Carnival.

Thank you.

No Cricket allowed in the estate

Friday, July 5, 2019

Dear Residents

Over the past few years, the discussion on cricket has surfaced a few times at the Council and the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Repeatedly we have been advised against any sports equipment and games that may lead to abrasion of the ground of the Multi-purpose Courts (MPCs).   The ground is not meant for such impacts and is easily damaged when used outside its purpose.  Thus skating, cricket, roller blades, bikes, hockey, and so forth fall out of favour.   

Another matter to consider is the proximity of MPCs to the main road because of which we are advised against high impact speedy balls that can lift beyond the compound walls and pose a threat to passing cars on Fort Road Exit.  We have also had a few episodes where fast-paced and hard-hitting balls have posed threats to others when kids play in open areas.  There were a few incidents in the past that residents were injured when children were playing cricket using tennis balls.

In sum, experience and expert advice have led to the decision.  Hence, no cricket is allowed in the estate, and the security officers are intervening when kids play cricket.  Therefore, please counsel your children to refrain from playing cricket in the estate.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Solid Waste Management in Singapore

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Dear Residents

Please see attached circular on the above mentioned subject.

Thank you.


Friday, June 7, 2019

Dear Residents

NEA came to the estate today to conduct a spot check on mosquito breeding.  They did not find any at the common areas but found mosquito breeding in one of the apartments at block 3. 

Therefore, we urge all residents to check their apartments for possible mosquito breeding.  Please see attached files on steps to take in the prevention of mosquito breeding.

Thank you.


Advisory on Snakes - more information

Friday, May 31, 2019

Dear Residents,

This circular is to share with you that Management had met and discussed with the representative from (Wildlife Management & Outreach), National Parks Board (NParks).  Please read the attached circular and NParks advisory on snakes for more information. 

Thank you for your attention and co-operation.


Snake sighting - Dos and Don'ts

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Dear Residents

You may be concerned that there were quite a few snakes sighted in The Waterside. 

Management has worked and discussed with the pest control company, Anticimex and they have drafted a write up as attached for your reference.

Please download and read it as it will help you in understanding snake better. 

Thank you.

Ground Rules on awareness on maintaining proper Dog Etiquette

Friday, April 5, 2019

Dear Residents,

There was a meet-up session organised for residents of the Waterside Community who own dogs on 16 Feb 2019 at Multi-Purpose Room 2. The objective is to discuss how to create awareness on proper Dog Etiquette.

From this discussion and with volunteers' effort and residents' contribution, had drafted a set of ground rules devised for dog owners/handlers to take note. 

Please refer to attached notice.

Thank you.

New termite treatment to entire estate c/w 7 years warranty

Monday, March 4, 2019

Dear Residents,

It is to inform you that M/s Anticimex Pest Management Pte Ltd is re-engaged by Management for the control of subterranean termites to the entire estate c/w a 7 years warranty that includes residents' apartments. 

Please see the attached notice.

Thank you.

Cashless Transaction

Monday, February 11, 2019

Dear Residents,

Manpower and business costs are on the rise.  Inevitably, such costs will be passed over to you as increased maintenance cost.  On our part, we continue reviewing our processes to reduce inefficiencies, to rein on costs and delay passing on increases to you.

You may not be aware that cash collection is costly and risky.  Cash may be lost at site, on transit to our head office and after that on transit to the bank.   We have to purchase insurance to mitigate this risk and the higher the cash transaction, the higher the insurance premium.  Also, there has to be several layers of checks to account for the transfer of cash from one party to another.

It is not practical to rule out cash transaction totally, as some payments involve small amounts (e.g. for usage of common facility).  However, now you have the option to make payment via PayNow using your mobile bank apps (please see attached format when using PayNow).  For large sums, we seek your cooperation to consider other means of payments.

Please observe the following when making payments to the Management Corporation Strata Title 1801.

  1. The preferred mode of payment is via online banking. To enable us to trace your payment, please indicate your Block, Unit No. and Estate Name in your transactions.
  1. If the Giro Facility is available for your estate, we encourage you to pay using this method.
  1. You may also pay by crossed cheque or cashier’s order payable to the MCST1801. Do not post-date your payment, as we are not responsible for any bank charge that may result.
  1. All payments (including payment for renovation deposit which is more than one month) will be banked-in. Any refund will be made in due course and by cheque only.

Thank you.